David Johnson Engineering is your in house engineering department. We deliver affordable and practical design solutions with the experience and technical savvy to plan your next building expansion, provide structural engineering services, or guide you through the steps of your next construction project.


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Manufacturing solutions are in our DNA. David Johnson’s earliest engineering projects involved providing solutions for aluminum recycling facilities. Today he shares a 20 year relationship with Monterey Mushrooms, providing engineering support at eastern US facilities. At David Johnson Engineering, we understand the challenges of working in industry.

  • Repair or Replace Deteriorated Structures – Provide specialized engineering skills to take on the unique challenges of repairing or replacing structures that have deteriorated over time.
  • Building Expansions & New Facilities – Draw as-built conditions, develop site plans, establish floor plans and set budgets. Determine the best construction approach, lead a team of design consultants, bid your project and oversee construction.
  • Structural Modifications – Offer solutions to modify existing buildings, allowing for any changes a client needs to make.
  • Equipment Installations – Measure and draw existing equipment and buildings. Establish proposed layouts for new and relocated equipment installation. Provide and coordinate efforts for equipment foundations, structures, plumbing, mechanical and electrical design.


David Johnson’s career spans three decades with the last two spent providing design-build services. Different from most “design-build” companies, David and his staff actually performed much of the engineering work in-house, and then physically built the project. David Johnson Engineering brings this valuable experience to your projects.

  • General Contractors – We offer structural engineering for building modifications or design of temporary structures. Further, general contractors benefit by using us as lead designer on their design build projects. We are design-build experts and know what is important to you.
  • Steel Fabricators – We provide structural engineering of stairs and connections to satisfy project requirements where design has been passed through from the engineer of record to the steel fabricator.
  • Mechanical Contractors – We provide structural engineering for your equipment installations. This may include design of foundations, steel structures, or roof modifications.
  • Metal Stud Framing – When called for in the project documents, we provide structural design of curtain wall systems or other cold formed structural bearing or spanning components.


David Johnson Engineering has the experience to help insurance companies get to the bottom of the problem and properly evaluate claims.

  • Structural Inspections – Inspection and reporting of structures damaged by natural disasters, collapses, substandard construction, lack of upkeep or other causes.
  • Structural Forensic Investigations – Examine the incident and determine the reason for structural failure, provide analysis as required, and issue a report describing the damage and causes.
  • Construction Cost Estimates – Provide an independent professional construction estimate for more complex claims when necessary.


David Johnson Engineering understands the construction business and proper distribution of funds. Overbilling must be prevented and the quality of work assured before payment is made. We know that once the money is released, so is your leverage.

  • Project Monitoring – We carefully review contract documents and advise you of any potential pitfalls. Once construction begins, we review pay request, perform site inspections, verify vendors are getting paid, and make sure projects are properly closed out before releasing retainage.
  • Distressed Construction Projects – If your project is failing, look to David Johnson Engineering as your trusted adviser. We assess the work in place to identify deficiencies and prepare a due diligence report. Other services may include a construction work out plan, on-site representation or rebuilding the construction team. We will work together and finish the project.

home_ownersHOME OWNERS

David Johnson Engineering helps homeowners resolve any structural issues and protect their most important investment. Our approach includes an initial site visit to meet with you and establish the general nature of the problem. From this meeting, we will discuss and establish the need for any additional steps.

  • Basement Wall Repair – A common problem in this hilly area is cracking and moisture infiltration of basement walls. Many times the problems stem from excessive soil pressure and improperly built walls.
  • House Settlement – Typically symptoms show up as cracks in foundation walls, brick exteriors and interior drywall. Uneven floors, sticking doors and tilting porches are also common. Poor soil conditions, undersized foundations or drainage are typically the culprit.
  • Structural Inspections – We provide inspections for home buyers or real estate brokers in the process of selling or buying a house. We also provide general structural inspections when a home owner has a concern and they are looking for peace of mind.
  • Removal of Bearing Walls – Today’s homeowners like open floor plans, and open floor plans require structural modifications. We can design the changes necessary to eliminate walls.
  • Evaluation of Wood Framing – Problems arise with the framing of houses from undersized wood members or discontinuities in load paths. Framing in a house can be very complex, and we can help guide you.


David Johnson

David Johnson chose to spend his formative years working in construction. Intuitively he felt that to become a good engineer, he first needed to learn how to build. His mentor was a tough and seasoned engineer with a unique history that included both design and construction experience. It was through this relationship that David was introduced to the concept and fundamentals of design-build.

David’s independent nature and entrepreneurial spirit led to the formation of Construction Planners, Inc. in 1996 and later Tomorrow’s Builder, Inc. in 2011. The format of these companies was unique in that they provided both in-house engineering, along with construction services. Both companies successfully completed dozens of residential and commercial projects, but flourished in manufacturing and industry where engineering is valued and design-build is king.

David Johnson Engineering, LLC was formed in 2017 to meet the needs of clients looking for consulting or design only services. David brings his years of practical experience to solve engineering problems, guide owners through the complexities of building expansions or to act as the owner’s trusted agent.


David holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from the University of Tennessee. He completed the 2 year Cooperative Work Program and as a graduate student researched and published on the effects of ground movements on structures. From 2008 to 2013 David was able to give back to his profession by teaching construction estimating, management and senior design classes at the University of Tennessee.


Balance in David’s life is gained through his faith in our creator and his relationships with family and friends. He is a dedicated Vol fan, loves to fish, hopes to stay young doing CrossFit and can think of nothing better than throwing Frisbee on the beach!


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